Minium is the first modern minimalist phone.
We designed Minium from the ground up to be simple, beautiful and less distracting.

Building Minium, we've kept three core principles in mind:
Beautiful design, fewer distractions and long battery life

Beautiful design

At the core of the Minium experience is a simple, elegant operating system and beautiful industrial design. We built Minium to be intuitive and delightful. It is less distracting but still has core features including cloud-syncing for your calendar and contacts.

Fewer distractions

Through personal testing and psychological research, we have found that smartphones can actually make us less productive and creative. Minium was thoughtfully created to effectively manage distractions and promote flow.

Long battery life

The Minium operating system is lightweight and battery efficient. It was designed to keep running with you for weeks at a time. A device that requires less charging and management allows you to think about it less and do more of what you love.

Minium phone - beta launching soon

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